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Over the course of many years I've been building a list of acronyms and corresponding expansions, for acronyms in the fields of computers, computer programming/software, information technology, data communications, telecommunications/telephony, electronics and other areas of interest to me, including physics, astronomy and space exploration.

This page provides access to the list.

To search for a particular acronym, enter the acronym in the field below, then click Submit. The search is case insensitive (except for using showall to show all acronyms). The acronym must be no longer than 13 characters.

To show expansions for all acronyms in the list, enter showall (all lower case letters) in the field, then click Submit.

After the expansion(s) for an acronym has been displayed, to search for another acronym click on the "search for another acronym" link at the bottom of the page displaying the acronyms.

Some of the acronyms in the list are trademarks. Ownership of the trademarks by the respective owners is hereby acknowledged.

If you are the owner of (or a representative of the owner of) one or more acronym trademarks for which I have not given specific attribution, please send me an email message identifying the acronym(s) and I will add the specific attribution(s).

Please do not publish the list to the Internet.

From time to time I will be adding new entries to the list. Each time I do so I will update the "last updated" line near the top of this page accordingly.

I welcome suggestions for additions to the list.