Acronyms for Periodicals and Conferences

AETJGTE Automatic Electric Technical Journal
ANAmerica's Network (TE&M prior to Feb 15 1994)
ATRAlcatel Telecommunications Review
ATTAT&T Technology
ATTJAT&T Technical Journal
ATTTAT&T Technology
BCRBusiness Communications Review
BLRBell Laboratories Record
AT&T Bell Laboratories Record
BLTJAT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal
Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Technical Journal
BSTJThe Bell System Technical Journal
BTEBritish Telecommunications Engineering
BTTJBT Technology Journal
CACMCommunications of the ACM
CDComputer Design
CGW Computer Graphics World
CLComputer Language
CNISComputer Networks and ISDN Systems
CUJThe C User's Journal
DCData Communications
DDDigital Design
DDJDr. Dobb's Journal
DDJSTDr. Dobb's Journal of Software Tools
ECElectrical Communication
EDElectronic Design
EDNEDN Magazine
ELCOMElectrical Communication
EREricsson Review (English edition)
GTCGlobal Telecommunication Conference (GLOBECOM)
HPJHewlett-Packard Journal
HRHitachi Review
IBMJRDIBM Journal of Research and Development
IBMSJIBM Systems Journal
ICCInternational Conference on Communications
ICESInternational Conference on Electronic Switching
ICMIEEE Communications Magazine
ICSIEEE Communications Surveys (on-line)
ICSTTNConference Publication No. 52 of the IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) Conference on Switching Techniques for Telecommunications Networks (London, April 21-25, 1969)
IFECIEEE Fall Electronics Conference
IICIEEE Internet Computing
IJSACIEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
INIEEE Network
INNIntelligent Network News
IPCIEEE Personal Communications
ISSInternational Switching Symposium
ISSLSInternational Symposium on Subscriber Loops and Services
ITCIEEE Transactions on Communications
ITCTIEEE Transactions on Communication Technology
ITVTIEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
IVTCIEEE Vehicular Technology Conference
IWCIEEE Wireless Communications (formerly IEEE Personal Communications)
JOOPJournal of Object-Oriented Programming
JRJava Report
JTRJapan Telecommunications Review
LJLinux Journal
MIPSMIPS: The Guide to Personal Systems Running at 3 MIPS and Up
MMSMini-Micro Systems
MSJMicrosoft Systems Journal
NCFNational Communications Forum
NECNational Electronics Conference
NECRDNEC Research and Development
NTCNational Telecommunications Conference
PCMPC Magazine
PCRPC Resource
PCTJPC Tech Journal
PIEEEProceedings of the IEEE
POEEJThe Post Office Electrical Engineers' Journal
PTRPhilips Telecommunication Review
RECLReview of the Electrical Communications Laboratories
SAScientific American
TAETelecommunications (Americas Edition)
TE&MTelephone Engineering and Management
TIETelecommunications (International Edition)
TJATelecommunications Journal of Australia
TNAETelecommunications (North American Edition)
TRtelcom report (English Edition)
TRItelcom report international
TSRThe Smalltalk Report
TXJThe X Journal
URUnix Review
WTFWorld Telecommunication Forum
WWCJGTE Automatic Electric World-Wide Communications Journal