Man-Machine Language (MML)

(last updated: 16-May-2015 09:31)

Periodical Articles and Conference Papers

  1. "Man-Machine Language for Digital PRX Telephone Systems", PTR 38:4 Nov 1980 pgs 149-167.
  2. "MML: CCITT Man-Machine Language", ITC COM-30:6 Jun 1982 pgs 1329-1336.
  3. "The CCITT Man Machine Language - Objectives of the Present Study Period", ISS'87 paper C2.1.

Technical Specifications

  1. ITU-T Z.3xx-series Recommendations.
  2. TR-TSY-000012, Bell Communications Research MML Requirements.
  3. LSSGR section 9.5, Bell Operating Company MML.
  4. AT&T PUB 54100, Bell System Specification of CCITT MML.