North Electric NX-1E

(last updated: 16-May-2015 09:31)

Periodical Articles and Conference Papers

  1. "A Switching Computer for Communications", ICC'69.
  2. "NX-1E Routing Control Complex", ITCT COM-18:6 Dec 1970 pgs 729-733 (also ICC'70).
  3. "NX-1E, an Electronically Controlled Crossbar Switching System", ITCT COM-18:6 Dec 1970 pgs 734-739 (also ICC'70) (also COSW pgs 55-61).
  4. "NX-1E Call Processing System", ICC'71 pgs 47/1-47/7.
  5. "NX-1E Maintenance and Administration", ICC'71 pgs 47/8-47/13.