Traffic Load Generators and Testing Products for Switching Systems

(last updated: 16-May-2015 09:31)

Ameritec Corporation

  1. Model AM2-D 1.5 MB Digital Bulk Call Generator Instruction Manual, January 1994, Ameritec Corporation Part No. 18-0043.
  2. Ameritec AM2 Niagara Family Protocol State Table Development Guide, Ameritec Corporation, Revision F, 12/18/95.
  3. Model AM2 Niagara and Crescendo Script Writing Guide, Ameritec Corporation, Aug 10 1995.
  4. AM2 IPC Message Summary, 5/21/95 Revision 1.2, Ameritec Corporation.

Catapult Communications Corporation

Sage Instruments

  1. 930A Communications Test Set Operations Manual, Sage Instruments.
  2. Model 930A Communications Test Set Short Form Operating Instructions, Sage Instruments.