X.25 Protocol

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Bellcore/Telcordia Documents

  1. See section on "Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore) Documents" for Bellcore documents relating to X.25, including:
             GR-301-CORE:   Public Packet Switched Network (PPSN)
             TR-TSY-000462: PPSN X.25 Interface
             TR-NWT-001249: X.25 Call Redirection and Call Deflection
             GR-2935-CORE:  TOA/NPI Address Format


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             Recommendation X.25 (pgs 237-258)
             Proprietary Architectures and X.25 (pgs 261-269)
             LDS Germany (pgs 270-276)
             X.25 Optional Facilities (pgs 380-381)
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Periodical Articles

  1. "The X-Series Recommmendations for Public Data Networks (1981-1984)", Journal of Telecommunication Networks 3:3 Fall 1984 pgs 159-193.
  2. "X.25: an Interface to Public Packet Networks", ICM 24:9 Sep 1986 pgs 18-25.
  3. "Can X.25 Overcome Its Past?", BCR 21:8 Aug 1991 pgs 35-39.

Web Pages and Websites

  1. Wikipedia article "X.25".